UK Demographic History

Stage 1 (up to 1760):

Small Population of about 6 million in 1700 with both a high birth and death rate.  Poor diet and hygiene as well as war and disease led to such a high death rate.

Stage 2 (1760 – 1880) :

Fast population growth to 30 million in 1880s (six times that of 1700). Due to improvements in faming and medicine, death rate fell but birth rate stayed high. Rapid economic growth occurred.

Stage 3 (1880 – 1940)

Population growing at lower rate, 47 million by 1941. Contraception more prevalent so birth rate grew slower. Death rate fell due to improvements in medicine, food supply and hygiene (except ww1).

Stage 4 (1940 – Today)

Population growth slow – 56 million by 1981. Death rate was low, except in WW2. Birth rate also low except Baby Boom.

Stage 5 (future?)

Death rate approximately == birth rate. However population ageing so in future death rate may > birth rate and this would lead to natural decrease.