Things I Find Interesting


Below are a selection of sites that I’ve found to be interesting:

  • Cosmic Skeptic – This is a blog and Youtube channel set up by a school friend. It’s mainly an atheist orientated site however as an agnostic I’ve found some of the philosophical arguments very interesting.
  • Effective Altruism – Check out my post on Effective Altruism. This is a topic that concerns how we can use reason and evidence to make our maximize the difference we have on this world.


I’ve recently become interested in Crowdfunding. This is the concept of new businesses obtaining initial investments en masse, rather than from financial institutions. I have so far invested in two companies which I felt had unique proposals, these are:

  • One Lane – This is a concept that has begun operating in London. It revolves around the use of an app (similar to the Uber App) to book childcare and transportation of children to and from school. It encompasses the possibility of lift sharing to share the cost between parents, while also reducing the stress of the school run on both parents and other road users.
  • Wave – This is an app which allows you to share your location in real time with a certain user or group of users. It allows a map with all your locations to be created and for this to be updated regularly. I can see this having lots of different uses both for businesses who many need to track employees (for example carers travelling between houses) and individuals when meeting each other.