Michaelmas Week -1

Okay so here I am, going off to start a new chapter in my life tommorrow, starting at Oxford University.  It feels like education up to this point has been directing me to this point, from the start of studying GCSEs, all teachers seem to have talked about is University.

“You should do this to put on your personal statement”

“You should go and look round this university”

“You won’t get into X university if your grades don’t improve”

Now that I am about to start I feel utterly inadequate (although I suspect this is the normal feeling), I am about to start studying one of the most competitive courses and one of the most competitive universities in the world and all I can seem to think is how a combination of lucky events has brought me to this point, and that at some point my lucks going to run out. For those who didn’t know Oxford starts back incredibly late and has 8 week long terms (michaelmas, hilary and trinity).  What this has meant for me is that I’ve watched almost all of my friends travel off around the country to university and begin having brilliant times. Some are about to begin their third week at university…

I just don’t know what to expect, today I tried on sub fusc for the first time. (sub fusc is academic dress, revolves for me around a gown, white bow tie and mortar board.)  There are two ways that I can see the next 3 years going. I will either find that Oxford is elitist and out of touch and really not enjoy myself or I will find a progress place with interesting people from all walks of life. The requirement to wear sub fusc three times a week is starting to make me think that I might find it more of the former than the later.

To add to my current feelings, I was born and have grown up in Oxford all my life. I’ve always seen Oxford as a lovely and inclusive city, I don’t want the next 3 years to taint this. Furthermore I don’t want to become bored of the city, I’ve been to most of the clubs, cafes etc before, so where will I explore?

Well, I’ll try and keep this blog updated with how this goes, perhaps in the hope that it may provide future students in my position a bit of support!