Managing Uganda’s youthful population

Uganda has a youthful population as it is less developed and far poorer than countries such as the UK.  In 2007 50% aged below 15 while only 3% aged over 65. The population is becoming more youthful because:

  • High Birth Rate – Birth rate == 48 per 1000. Women have an average of 7 children.
  • Low Life Expectancy – Around 58 years so population primarily young – working age.


  • Pressure on health service – 6000 deaths in childbirth yearly and HIV/AIDS epidemic could worsen when youthful population gets to working age.
  • Unemployment worsen – 50% of population are below 15 and may have to enter the work place to afford to live. This could lead to unemployment as the population rises.

Strategies implemented:

  • Encouraging use of contraceptive and family planning – Government has begun distributing free contraceptives to stop spread of aids and pregnancy. Not working? Family planning clinics active since 1991 but BR still risen. Sustainable as leads to a decrease in birth rate and stops overpopulation.
  • Policies to prevent spread of aids – Eg ABC (Abstain from sex till marriage, Be faithful to one another, use Condoms) After implementation infection rates fell by 10% in 10 years. Relives healthcare system giving more capacity for other conditions such as child birth.