Different Healthcare systems currently in use with a focus on Cuba, USA, UK and India

  Cuba – Socialised – state provided service UK – NHS – healthcare state supported service India – Emergent- viewed as item of personal consumption USA – Pluralistic- viewed as consumer product
Aims/ Priorities Compulsory HIV Testing



Lowering Cancer mortality rate 

Smoke Free campaigns

National Rural Health Mission – provide affective healthcare to 18 rural states Dealing with obesity epidemic

Making the service more equal though Obamacare

Access 6.72 doctors per 1000


Free at the point of use to all with an address. Homeless are restricted to A&E 0.65 doctors per 1000

Some states better than other

80% of specialists live in urban areas


Restricted to those with Insurance to cover treatment or those who can afford it
Public / Private Public – Private hospitals illegal

Some costs bared by patient eg. Hearing, dental and wheelchairs.

State Supported service although private facilities exist Both public and private – private more popular

3.9% of gdp spent on healthcare

Private – free market system. Obama Care has assisted those on lower incomes to gain insurance
Involvement of Outside Agencies Able to export healthcare practioners to third world. Private contractors may be used Western medical equipment imported

International accreditation agencies

US  Governemnt who pay for Obama care

Insurers who pay for policy holders treatment


Success One of highest life expectancies in area of 78

Lowest infant mortality rate in south America

Life expectancy of 82

4.8 infant mortality rate

24 hour cancer appointments

Rated top out of 11 developed nations

Growing elderly population

Increased health spending

Health tourists looking for natural treatment

Special Treatment can be received without referral

Life expectancy of 78.8 years


Disadvantages Costs to paitents

Ever increasing black market for HC.

Patient has no right to deny treatment

Costs £96.6 Billion to government

Struggling to deal with ageing population

Poor Social Care

2 million children die from preventable infections

Pub- Private disparity

Lack  of government Policy focus

Obesity Epidemic – highest obesity rate in developed nations

Unequal – some people cannot afford treatment