Blackbird Leys, Oxfordshire

Blackbird Leys is a ward in Oxford City. In the 1990s it was the largest council estate in the United Kingdom.

Quality of Health:

  • Life expectancy 4th lowest in Oxford at 74.7 years
  • Men live 8.3 years less and women live 6.6 years less than least deprived in Oxford.
  • 6% are in bad / very bad health and 79% are in good health (87% ox average)
  • 1% permanently sick and disabled – 3% ox average
  • Lowest wellbeing score in Oxford of 6.9
  • High levels of teenage pregnancy (highest in ox)


  • Supermarkets including Lidl and Tesco however many require transport. Fast food outlets also exist in the area including Kebab shops and Fish and Chip shops.
  • Health Centre, Leys Dentist, Longlands OAP home, sexual health and family planning clinic. Easy access to hospitals.
  • BBL park recently refurbished for £300,000 to improve equipment for locals. Access to Shotover (green space) and a Number of sport shops including Sports Direct.
  • OxCentre a young people’s centre

Age, Gender, Education and Wealth in BBL:

  • Age: Percentage 0 – 17 rising currently 28% (ox 19%). 25 – 44 falling, 45 + rising. 13% over 65
  • Education: Those in managerial jobs 17% compared to Oxford average of 46% 36% without qualifications compared to Ox average of 14%.
  • Wealth: 42% without a car compared to 33% average in Oxford. 8% unemployed compared to 4% in Oxford.
  • Gender: 51% female. High levels of teenage pregnancy.