AQA A-Level Geography Notes

On this page I am posting all of the case studies and revision notes that I used to prepare for both AS Level and A2 Level Geography, these were written for the specifications expiring June 2017 however I feel that a lot of it may be useful for case studies for the new specification. These were used for A-Levels but many of these will be transferable to other qualifications including IB.

AS Level Case Studies:

The case studies that I used for AS Level Geography are as follows. Please note that I studied the following topics: Cold Environments, Rivers, Population and Health for the GEOG1 Exam.

  1. Bangladesh Flooding in 2007
  2. Carlisle Flooding in 2005
  3. Flood Management on the Yangtze River in China
  4. Flood Management in Abingdon, Oxfordshire
  5. UK Demographic History
  6. Managing the UK’s ageing population
  7. Managing Uganda’s youthful population
  8. Malthus, Boserup and Simon’s views on population growth
  9. Urban and Rural Characteristics with a focus on Preston
  10. HIV/AIDs epidemic in Uganda
  11. Obesity in the UK with a focus on Oxfordshire and in Egypt
  12. Disease of Affluence: Type 2 Diabetes in the UK and Egypt
  13. Famine in Ethiopia
  14. Different Healthcare systems currently in use with a focus on Cuba, USA, UK and India
  15. Pharmaceutical and Tobacco TNCs – GlaxoSmithKline and British American Tobacco
  16. Comparisons between health in different local authorities: Oxfordshire vs Stoke on Trent
  17. Blackbird Leys, Oxfordshire as an example of measures being taken to improve public health
  18. Vuntut Gwitchin – Old Crow Flats
  19. Issues in Cold Environments – The Antarctic

Furthermore for both the Rivers and Glaciation modules there are lists of where many of the landforms can be found as from experience this can be a good way of showing examiners you know what you’re talking about!!

A2 Geography Case Studies: 

At A2 Level I did the modules on Plate Tectonics, Globalisation and Development and Conflict and Challenge for the GEOG3 exam.

Tectonics Notes: 

I chose to learn the following case studies:

  1. Montserrat, British Overseas Territory as an example of an LEDC dealing with Vulcanicity
  2. Mount Etna, Sicily as an example of an MEDC dealing with Vulcanicity
  3. Northridge, Los Angeles (1994) as an example of MEDC dealing with Seismicity
  4. Sichuan Earthquake (2008) as an example of LEDC dealing with Seismicity
  5. Indian Ocean Boxing Day Tsunami (2004) as a case study of a Tsunami

Conflict Notes: 

I chose to learn the following case studies:

  1.  Arab Israeli Conflict as an example of a Major International Conflict
  2. Bradford, UK as an example of a Multicultural Society
  3. South Sudan, Scotland and the Basque Region as an example of Separatist movements
  4. Conflict over a local resource, Castle Mill Development Oxford

Development Notes: 

I chose to learn the following case studies:

  1. The Asian Tiger Economies (Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong)
  2. The Growth of China
  3. The Growth of India
  4. Dubai, an Emerging Economy
  5. Levi Strauss, as an example of a TNC with impacts on both the Host and Origin nation 
  6. Malawi, the issues a country at a low level of development faces
  7. Trade Vs Aid Notes (Including a variety of case studies) 


As a disclaimer, please accept any mistakes that may be present in this work. At the time of writing I was an incredibly stressed A-Level student! These are by no means comprehensive so please try and learn other case studies too!!